14 Random Sports Facts


by Sherri Middleton, Managing Editor

It’s that time of year when my thoughts inevitably turn to college football and how many more days I have to wait for the new season to start. The NCAA assures me that it’s coming soon, but soon is not really soon enough.

The 2017 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game features Alabama vs. Florida State on Saturday, September 2 and Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech on Monday, September 4 in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Ga.

But … the season actually kicks off this year between Stanford and Rice in Sydney, Australia at Allianz Stadium. The game is Saturday, August 26 here in the states, but down under it will be August 27. Hawaii and UMass will also be playing August 26 at Gillette Stadium.

These separate kickoff dates and locations confuse me. Remember when it was simple and there was one official Kickoff? [Crickets]

I have too many questions and not enough patience to wait for the answers.

Major League Baseball is just getting started and NASCAR is cranking up. There are plenty of sports events to keep me busy until fall, but instead I decided to look up random facts about sports from a multitude of sites and thought I’d share them with you.

  • Federer can be typed entirely with the left hand. (You’re trying it, aren’t you?)


  • Live pigeon shooting was an Olympic event in the 1900 Summer Games in Paris. Hundreds of pigeons were reportedly released and then shot. Nearly 400 birds were killed and animal rights activists protested leading to the use of clay pigeons. (Who ever thought releasing live birds to be shot in front of a crowd was a good idea anyway?)
  • Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his cap for good luck and to keep cool. He reportedly changed it every two innings.


  • About 42,000 tennis balls are used in the 650 tennis matches in the Wimbledon Championship.
  • The NFL estimates that more than 100 children are conceived every year at tailgate parties in the Super Bowl parking lot.
  • Since 1962 the Maryland State Sport was jousting. In 2004, the state sport was named lacrosse.139266731
  • When asked why he didn’t win gold in the 2010 Olympic cross country event, Norwegian skier, Odd-Bjoern Hejelmeset said, “I think I have seen too much porn in the last 14 days.”
  • The average golf ball has 36 dimples.


  • The longest recorded point in tennis took 29 minutes.
  • There are 18 minutes of total action in a baseball game. The Wall Street Journal says it’s only 17 minutes and 58 seconds.
  • Inazawa Bowling Centre in Japan is the largest bowling alley in the world with 116 lanes.
  • Olympic gold medals are 93% silver, six percent copper and 1 percent gold for the finish.
  • Tug of War was an Olympic Event from 1900 to 1920. Great Britain won 5 medals, two of them were gold.
  • Before 1859, umpires sat in padded rocking chairs behind the catcher.

Don’t you wish college football would hurry up and get here?