Ashland Awarded $1 Million for New Convention Center

ASHLAND, KEN. —Ashland, Ken. has received a donation of more than $1 million in grant money for a new convention center planned downtown.

Rocky Adkins, a Senior Adviser to Kentucky’s Governor, Andy Beshear, announced on Tuesday in front of the new site which sits nearby an old mining site.

The donation is the newest to come to light.

“This is highly important to the city,” Adkins said. “This is state, local and federal coming together to move this downtown forward in its revitalization.”

Amanda Clark, the City Commissioner, knows all about grant writing thanks to her job title when she worked for other projects in the country, making her the perfect person to represent the new convention center.

“There are parameters in the AML program that says you can apply for it with land and projects that are within so many miles of land used for mining operations,” she said. “Steel and rail fall under that category.”

Currently, bids are under review for the demolition of the old mine and will be in between $2.5 and $3 million. Even though it is a large sum of money, the cost is already covered through a bond passed by the city commissioner’s office earlier this year.

After demolition, the engineering comes into play. Thanks to the $1 million awarded, that cost is already covered as well according to Mayor Matt Perkins.

“Everything we promised our citizens is being fulfilled step by step,” Perkins said. “Government works slowly and we’re just glad to see we have multiple sources to help fund this project. Sometimes, you must ask. Rocky and I talk just about every week, and I want to thank this administration for everything it does for eastern Kentucky. This will move the ball forward and we are excited and grateful.”