Editor’s Corner

How Much Rivalry is Good Rivalry?

Experts say that rivalries are healthy and add an exciting edge to sports that grows over time. But what happens when rivalries turn bad, and what can we do as fans, spectators, and organizers to help rivalries from getting out of hand?

Trophies For All: Acceptable During Pandemic Aftermath?

As young athletes step out of the pool and go back to school—presumably for the first time since March 2020—I can’t help but wonder what the first day of team practices will ultimately look like. 

Burning Questions About Sports Betting

Sports betting is a popular subject today. Sports betting, also referred to as sports gambling, is being legalized across the U.S. at a rapid rate. New Jersey and Arizona are two out of the nearly two dozen states that have legalized sports betting, with California, Louisiana, and a handful of …

10 years from now

Now that we are in a state of recovering and rebuilding, what happens when we are back to “normal”—whatever that may be.