Editor’s Corner

10 years from now

Now that we are in a state of recovering and rebuilding, what happens when we are back to “normal”—whatever that may be.

High Alert: Heat Exhaustion

My first thought every morning when I wake up is, “what does it feel like outside today?” Last week, I rolled over to grab my phone and touched the small yellow sun on my five-inch-long screen. In true Southern fashion, it says it will be cool then hot, rainy then …

Continuing to Smell the Dew

Before I begin, do me a favor. I want you to close your eyes and imagine your younger self stepping into an opening day for the first time.

Tokyo Olympics Countdown and Fun Facts

By the time you read this week's newsletter, the XXXII Olympiad Games, known as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, will be just 99 days away.

Sporting Events Returning on All Levels

It’s good to see so many sporting events returning, and our partners are happily sharing the news at a rapid pace through our conversations and emails.