Game Plans

Take Your Event from Good to Great with a Thought-Out Transportation Plan

Having a thought-out transportation plan can take any event from good to great. However, planning a transportation plan is not always budget friendly. In an article from our January issue, SportsEvents dives deep into resolutions. Inside the article, you will find tips, tricks, and resources from other planners--and even athletes-- regarding everything you need to know about forming a fool-proof transportation plan.

Why Contingency Plans Are More Important Than Ever

In this day and age, contingency plans are needed more than ever. July's edition of "The Game Plan" features input from event planners all over the country discussing why a well-thought-out contingency plan is crucial for the success of any event, as well as solutions for problems you may not have thought about.

Planner Do’s and Don’ts

Planning for trail and mountain running events or football championships involves unpredictable weather, communication considerations and safety first. By Sherri Middleton

The task of planning a sporting event offers unique challenges depending on the activity, but commonalities also exist. In this special feature, Nancy Hobbs, executive director of the

5 TIPS from Pros on Planning Sports Events

When it comes to running a successful tournament, it’s all about priorities, a game plan and partnerships. Read on for tips from experts from USA Fencing and the Ladies Professional Golf Association Symetra Tour (LPGA) that will help you create the next winning event.

Legacy Projects: What are you leaving behind?

Sports events large and small bring with them opportunities to create something lasting, whether in the communities that host them or in support of a worthy cause. With a captive audience at their fingertips, planners have a unique opportunity to expand the scope of an event beyond the parameters of …

6 Tips for Managing Successful Sporting Events

6 Tips for Managing Successful Sporting Events:
It’s an understatement to say that there are numerous details to keep in mind and consider when it comes to managing sporting events. Budgets, schedules, communication and marketing plans, referees, venue selections – there are many elements to balance in order to …

Game Plan: Safety & Security

We can all think of an example. The Boston Marathon bombing. The 1996 Olympic pipe bombing in Atlanta. The stadium explosion in Paris during a soccer match. And, of course, the recent Las Vegas concert attack. While not a sporting event, it is a prime example of the increasing threat …

Game Plan: The True Cost of Sports Events

Sports tourism continues to be big business in the United States, with amateur athletes spending more than $10.6 billion for events each year, according to the SportsEvents 2017 annual report. The benefits of hosting an event can be huge for a destination. A large-scale event raises the profile of the …