#ScaryEvents: Lee Corso and the Tall-Tale of College Gameday

I want you to do me a favor: sit back, relax, and put your imagination to good use.

It is a Saturday morning during the fall. You have cinnamon candles burning, the grill is either starting to heat up or pizza is planning on being ordered, your pets are at your feet, you are decked out in your favorite college football team’s colors, and College Gameday is on the television screen.

Lee Corso shown putting on a mascot head for the Tennessee Volunteers during College Gameday. Photo Courtesy of NCAA.

Just when you think life can’t get any better, Lee Corso picks your team’s opponent to win the game later that day. Life is so good! You’ve made it! This certifies a victory for your team!

If you are an avid college football fan like I am, chances are that you have heard—or seen—Lee Corso’s picks on College Gameday go haywire. If Corso puts on your team’s mascot head and starts chanting how much he loves your team, you know immediately that the game you were so excited for earlier that morning is NOT going to end well.

While Corso has a correct prediction percentage of nearly 70%, it seems like every time Corso picks mine or your team it goes the opposite way. My college football gameday anxiety is so bad sometimes that if he does pick my team, I have found myself praying and hoping for those in the crimson and white (I’ll let you all decide who that is) to pull through with the win over a plate of assorted gameday snacks.

While some may think this is bogus—it most definitely is—I can’t help but wonder if I am the only one who thinks like this? Surely there must be other college football fans out there who believe the same thing I do: Lee Corso picking your team to win is a College Gameday curse.