Consultant Recommends Dallas Build New Convention Center

DALLAS, Tex. – A consultant recently hired by Dallas, Tex., has told the council committee that a new convention center or multi-purpose facility would be ideal, and to build immediately.

Even though Dallas still owes money due to a recent expansion on the Omni Dallas Hotel and Convention Center, the consultant told the committee that even though the new facilities were very nice, there was not enough meeting space or modern open facilities inside either. This worried the consultant and the council based on the premise that if Dallas doesn’t have meeting space, they will be falling behind the likes of Houston, Round Rock, Fort Worth, and more cities nearby in the state.

The new facility would be ample in meeting and open space for events.

However, building a new center would not be an easy feat. The council’s transportation and infrastructure committee would need to sign off on the $1.9 billion facility before the city council would even be able to hold an official vote based on the recommendation. Since they still owe around $600 million for the Omni Dallas Hotel and its counterpart Convention Center, voters who reside in the city limits of Dallas would also need to approve the hotel tax increase to help pay for the project.

If signed off on, the new facility would most likely be built in the southwest corner of downtown Dallas.

Since it is the holiday season, the committee has delayed discussing the recommendation until the new year for the facility.