Fun With Team SportsEvents!

As members of the SportsEvents team travel throughout the United States, we’ll share images, videos, thoughts and more from our visits.


In this photo, you see Liz Roberts and Christy Raley wiping out on the snow during a recent trip to Vail, Colorado.

In addition to Vail, we also toured the Olympic Training Center (got to see members of Team USA’s men’s gymnastics team, Olympic swimmers, basketball players and fencers in action), Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak and more.

We also spent time with our good friends Alicia McConnell of the United States Olympic Committee and Cheryl McCullough and family of the Colorado Springs CVB. What a terrific visit!

Here is a photo of Talty O’Connor, our fearless leader, and Christy Raley enjoying dinner with Cheryl and her family at the Golden Bee Restaurant at the Broadmoor.


Stay tuned for more photos from our adventures!

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