Laredo Breaks Ground on Buena Vista Sports Complex

LAREDO, Tex.— City officials are looking to change what Laredo is famous for. The City of Laredo held a groundbreaking ceremony this week for a new sports complex that is predicted to change the community for good. The project, which has been in the works since 2014, has finally been given the green light.

The Buena Vista Sports Complex will have three baseball fields, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and an aquatic center.

Even though officials are excited about the possibilities, citizens say the town should focus on other issues first.

District Two Councilmember Vidal Rodriguez says this will have a great impact on the local youth.

“It will give an opportunity to give kids to get scholarships, to showcase their talent and it will bring a much-needed economic growth”, said Rodriguez.

Even though the sports industry is excited about the project, citizens are a tad worried.

Jorge Vasquez says the city should focus their efforts on other areas in the town.

“People don’t really need complexes from one point to another, people from the south won’t go to one from the north and folks from the north won’t go to the ones at the south”, said Vasquez.

Abigail Inocencio, another citizen, also wishes the town would start elsewhere.

“The water pipelines should be a first thing to look at, since people are dealing with it every day”, said Inocencio.

However, the town’s mayor, Pete Saenz, says this project was made possible only because of the sports venue taxes in the city, and says the water pipes continue to be their top priority.

“We will continue to ensure our people that we are fixing these water pipe issues. We dedicated funds, we are spending money to fix them”, said Mayor Saenz.

The Buena Vista Sports Complex is expected to be open by July of 2024.