LawnStarter Ranks the U.S.’ Best Cities for a Bike-Friendly Lifestyle

To mark World Bicycle Day on June 3, LawnStarter ranked the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on 18 key indicators of a bike-friendly lifestyle.

Among the factors LawnStarter looked at are the length of bike lanes, the share of workers who bike to work, and access to bike stores and repair shops. They also considered the air quality, weather, and availability of biking clubs in each city.

Top 10 bike-friendly cities in the U.S., as ranked by Lawnstarter

1 – San Francisco, Calif.
2 – Portland, Ore.
3 – Fort Collins, Colo.
4 – Eugene, Ore.
5 – Minneapolis, Minn.
6 – Seattle, Wash.
7 – Washington, D.C.
8 – Salt Lake City, Utah
9 – Boise, Idaho
10 – Boston, Mass.

Least 10 bike-friendly cities in the U.S., as ranked by LawnStarter

191 – Shreveport, La.
192 Murfreesboro, Tenn.
193 Jacksonville, Fla.
194 Mesquite, Tex.
195 Chesapeake, Va.
196 Montgomery, Ala.
197 Mobile, Ala.
198 Newport News, Va.
199 Jackson, Miss.
200 Baton Rouge, La.

Report highlights

  • The Pacific Northwest especially sets itself apart in safety. Oregon and Washington cities claim four of the top 10 slots in this category, with Portland, Ore., standing out as the safest.
  • Many big cities have invested in biking infrastructure that’s reflected in the rankings. Washington, D.C., for example, has the fourth highest share of bike commuters and the second-best bike score in the country. Boston is ranked fifth in safety, while New York City ranks fourth in bike-trail access.
  • It’s no surprise that Southern cities tend to find themselves at the bottom of the ranking. Biking requires a lot of outdoor time, which isn’t as easy in a place like Montgomery, Ala., with an average of 85 very hot days in a year and 53 inches of monthly rain. It also makes sense that many of these same Southern cities — such as Jackson, Miss., or Shreveport, La.—have few bike trails and bike commuters.

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