Mosquito Control System Could Offer Relief to Florida


A Florida-based landscape and irrigation distributor offers a mosquito control system that delivers an odorless and invisible mosquito repellent vapor using a cartridge that is heated by the same low-voltage electrical source used to power LED landscape lighting.

Kenney Outdoor Solutions offers the NuTone Haven system. The cartridges are housed in a lighting fixture and are activated when the lights are turned on, providing mosquito protection over a wide area within 15 minutes.

There is also a version of the system that operates independently of a lighting system for areas that require mosquito protection but not lighting. According to NuTone, in testing at sites located throughout the U.S. and Thailand, the system proved 92.5% effective against mosquitoes.

“Now that Zika-carrying mosquitoes have arrived in Florida, our clients are looking for affordable and effective ways to protect the public from this threat,” said Doug Kenney, the regional manager of Kenney Outdoor Solutions. “With the NuTone Haven system, we can offer them a solution that is safe, non-disruptive, easy to use, and that doesn’t break the bank. It will give them an easy way to reassure their customers that they are being proactive about the Zika threat and mosquito protection.”

While mosquitoes have always been considered a public health nuisance, the fact that they transmit the Zika virus has increased the threat they pose to the public dramatically.

Florida is the only state that has reported locally-acquired cases of Zika. Travel-related cases have been reported in all 50 states. Florida is at the epicenter of the fight to prevent mosquitoes from spreading the virus to other parts of the country. The CDC has expanded its Zika health advisory for Florida to include all of Miami-Dade County, and is acknowledging that the virus is likely in the U.S. to stay.

Kenney Outdoor Solutions is currently offering the Nutone Haven to professional contractors for installation in the Florida market. Contractors who are interested in learning more can contact Doug Kenney at 800-878-8676 extension 6555.