North Carolina Sports Association unveils revitalized logo and website

The North Carolina Sports Association (NCSA) is undergoing a rebrand to its visual and digital identity, reflecting its commitment to growing and promoting sports events in the state.
A statewide collaboration of sports and hospitality industry representatives from across North Carolina, the NCSA exists to help sport event organizers and rights holders explore the communities and venues to host their next sporting event.
“We are really pleased with the new identity for our state association,” said NCSA chair Bonny Bernat. “It speaks to both the ‘at home’ feel that our partners have come to experience when hosting events in North Carolina, but at the same time, provides an updated look and feel that is refreshing while truly identifying North Carolina in the competitive sports tourism marketplace.”
The new logo is a completely revitalized look for the association, featuring the North Carolina state symbol and the iconic blue color that is often associated with the state. The retro typeface pays homage to the old-world charm and southern hospitality found in many of the state’s small towns,
To accompany the refreshed logo, a new website was also launched at Event organizers can search for the cities and towns that meet their criteria, as well as explore things to see, eat, and do when their events are done. In addition, new social media accounts were created to reinforce the branding and highlight the members and venues in North Carolina.