Perfect Game Adding Softball to Organization

PALM BEACH, FLA.– Youth baseball giant Perfect Game will soon make its way into the world of softball. The organization, which hosts upwards of 160,000 games and 8000 events per year in the United States, is planning to copy the successful format over from one sport to the next.

The organization has a slew of former athletes and coaches ready to make the new softball division the best it can be.

Perfect Game taking over the softball world will allow growth opportunities for amateur female athletes by offering games, showcases, events, tournaments, scouting, and even offer leadership positions within the organization upon aging out of the program.

Destinee Martinez, a former NCAA Champion and U.S. National Team member, was recently hired by Perfect Game to head up the softball division. Martinez will oversee all events as the National Director of Operations and will be assisted by Jessica Shultz who was hired on as the National Director of Scouting.

Jennie Finch, who made waves in the softball world as a record-breaking pitcher, will also take part in the launch serving as an Educational Ambassador. Finch comes to Perfect Game with an impressive repertoire: NCAA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, Olympic Silver Medalist, and National Team member.

Mike Candrea, who served as a coach for Arizona for nearly 40 years leading the Wildcats to eight National Championships, will also join the organization as an advisor for on-field programming as well as athlete recognition.

In addition to the program itself, Perfect Game will also launch Perfect Game Tech for softball. The software, known as PG Tech, is the organization’s data and analytics platform which helps players improve their all-around performance as well as configurates statistics and leaderboards for different regions.

Perfect Game has utilized this technology to create over 1600 Major League Baseball players over the last 27 years and hopes that launching PG Tech for softball, in a time where softball collegiate championship games are acquiring millions of viewers, will do the same.