Show Me the Numbers! What is the State of the Sports Events Industry and What’s to Come?

Long before youth and amateur sports became a multi-million-dollar industry, SportsEvents magazine launched and created a space for planners to come together to find the information and resources they needed to grow their emerging and existing business models.

It was all about getting kids to play sports and working with us made it easier than creating a new wheel.

Every step of the way, the staff and founder asked for feedback and listened to your concerns about the challenges you faced, and we asked you to share your victories.

We’ve been sharing your stories for more than 15 years and we intend to continue being your partners in this amazing industry.

One way we connect with you and our partners is through the annual State of the Industry Report. We ask for your economic dollar figures and we request some information that may take more than a minute to find in your files. It might seem like a pain to do the extra work on top of all that you already do, but it really is important.

Whether you know it or not, you guys keep telling us that the numbers and the analysis of the numbers and even the commentary and opinions matter to you. Yeah, it’s not easy work but it’s definitely still a big part of the picture that leads us down the road each year.

We have a stellar system of tracking the information you provide and breaking it down into small parts that reveal the big dollar figures you want to know. We’ve even partnered with some highly educated experts to help with the math. Thank goodness!

This year the questionnaire might seem a bit longer than usual. It is. Please still take the time to participate. We’re asking questions about the pandemic and how it affected your job. But deep down we want to get personal. How did this worldwide viral pandemic affect you as a person? Some of it really sucked, right? However, surprisingly, I think we’ll find some good news about ourselves and our industry that give us hope. Maybe the ground even shook a little and we knocked down some old cobwebs and let some light shine in.

We also added a small section about virtual events, technology and even green initiatives to see how important that is to you.

If you need some motivation to complete the survey, we’re offering a $250 Amazon gift card for one lucky planner and one of our destination partners who complete the entire survey.

I’d also be happy to meet you for a coffee, tea, or whatever is your favorite beverage in your ‘happy place’ if that appeals to anyone. It really appeals to me to get on the road and see your smiling faces again.

So just go ahead and jump in and give a few minutes of your time by completing the survey.

Here’s one for planners:

And one for destination partners:

Thank you all for your time.