Fire Caused Damage to Western Hills Sports Complex in Ohio Saturday Afternoon

CINCINNATI, Ohio—A fire caused damage to several areas of the Western Hills Sports Mall & Complex, including the roof, this past Saturday. Officials say around 4 p.m. the Cincinnati Emergency Communications Center began receiving several calls one right after the other reporting the smoke at the complex.

The Western Hills Sports Mall is a multi-use facility in Cincinnati offering hockey, football, volleyball, basketball, and more.

Fire crews arriving on scene were immediately greeted with heavy smoke coming from the roof of the complex. However, other parts were not so lucky. While it only took the crew less than an hour to extinguish the fire, damage to the complex did occur. Currently, the damages are estimated at $100,000 due to the fire mainly attacking the roof of the building.

Reports from the scene say that all people in the building were evacuated in time and that no injuries were confirmed.

As of today, the fire is still under active investigation as to what may have caused it by a local Fire Investigation Unit. While the cause of the fire has not been released yet, district fire chief Thomas Parker says that they found the fire kept mainly to the roof which is possible grounds for an electrical mishap.