Company Secures Donations to Develop Youth E-Sports Tournaments

BALTIMORE, MD.– EliteGamingLIVE (EGL), an e-learning platform that combines school and education in STEM, has announced that it has raised over $1.5 million in funding to help develop more youth E-Sports tournaments nationwide.

EGL strives to enrich STEM education in schools.

The money raised will not only be used for marketing purposes, but it will also be used to expand the current program when it comes to equipment, staff, and tournaments.

As far as marketing goes, EGL hopes to utilize a dynamic and modern strategy to develop their company farther into the United States, as well as some abroad competition.

“EGL provides an entertaining and competitive virtual E-Sports league, as well as building a bright future for youth,” said Kerwin Rent, President, CEO and Founder of EliteGamingLIVE.

EGL Academy is designed for school-wide usage and offers young students a chance to practice their social skills. The tournaments and classes also help students gain better insights in the STEM world—something that has been lacking due to costs in the recent years.

In addition to enriching youth’s knowledge in STEM, EGL promotes equal opportunity access to all aspects of the program. EGL also strives to make all equipment costs low so that all schools will have the equal option to purchase a set for their own use.

EGL is known as a program with the modern focus in mind and has garnered the attention of both company investors and teachers in the northeast.

To find out more about EGL, check out their website here.