Top Five Out-There Mascots

Okay, we get it. You think your team’s mascot is the cutest. Technically speaking if you are UGA with the University of Georgia or the University of Tennessee’s Smoky the dog, you have ground to stand on. But, what about those so out there that it leaves fans wondering, “how did we end up with this?”

To put it out there I am outright terrified of clowns. There, I said it. To me though, the only thing creepier than a clown is a sports mascot. You see a clown at the fair and can be done with it; a college mascot, however, is on every stitch of branding possible. Today we will go through the five most out-there mascots across colleges today.

  1. Louisiana State University’s Mike the Tiger. While this is a live animal, it is not a tiny little bulldog adorning a sweater vest. While the actual Mike only comes out on certain occasions with a handler and spends the rest of his time relaxing in an enclosure on campus, still. A live tiger takes the cake.
  2. Wichita State University’s Wheat “WUshock.” I feel like I have some ground to stand on here based on the fact that I am allergic to wheat products. What is scarier than accidentally ingesting wheat? A person dressed as wheat playing basketball.
  3. Pepperdine University’s Willie the Wave. While not exactly frightening, I can’t help but think that if Willie the Wave was running full speed ahead towards a child they would freak. Not the scariest mascot out there, but one that makes you go, “how did they come up with this” instead.
  4. Stanford University’s Tree. Go Cardinal? Go Tree? Which one is it? If you have not yet seen Stanford’s Tree mascot, I highly recommend you see it at least once in your lifetime.
  5. Delta State University’s Fighting Okra. In true southern fashion, everything is deep fried, including Delta State University’s mascot. My alma mater, The University of West Alabama, competed against Delta State in our conference–the GSC. It came as no shock that when we would face off with Delta State, people would go to the local gas station restaurant and order heaps of the fried crop.
    Fighting Okra

    Stanford Trees