Sports Reports

America’s Pastime Remains Strong

Baseball continues to be a favorite sport to play or watch, and there is still an intense desire among young athletes to participate in the game.

Motorsports: A Major Draw For Fans

NASCAR and IndyCar Series draw tens of thousands of fans to watch high-speed action and hear the roars of uber-horsepower engines flying around tracks from the Southeast to the Northeast, Midwest, and West Coast.

Taekwondo: Building on Strength

Taekwondo is about much more than merely fighting skills and martial arts techniques. It’s systematic and scientific, engaging the mind as well as the body.

Playing for Kicks! Footgolf popularity sweeps U.S.

Several versions of footgolf, a sport that combines soccer and golf, had been kicked around in various European countries for about 20 years—Switzerland in the late ’80s, Scandinavia in the ’90s—before being introduced in the United States through the American FootGolf League (AFGL). 

It was a simple search by …

SUP and Paddling Events Continue to Grow

Riding the wave

Since the day pro surfer Laird Hamilton stood on a long board and picked up a paddle, the sport of standup paddleboarding (SUP) has ridden a wave of growth. From 2010 to 2016, SUP participation expanded from about 1 million to 3.2 million, a growth of 220 …

Tennis holds its own – Traditional sports against others

Game, set, match

How do you make a long-established sport appeal to the next generation? With smartphone technology exploding over the last decade and the mixed needs of millennials, organizations such as the United States Tennis Association (USTA) are looking for ways to draw new players. Children are not …

The Passion for PickleBall

What is pickleball? That might be a question heard just a few years ago but it won’t be asked much longer.

Pickleball—a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong—has flown under the radar for decades but in the past few years, the unique sport has become much …