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Come Play PNW Sports: Snohomish County, Washington

Welcome to PNW Sports! Snohomish County, Wash. Located in northwest Washington State, nestled between the sparkling blue waters of the Salish Sea and the rugged, snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Mountains, Snohomish County begins 15 miles north of Seattle, a little under 120 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia, and a short ferry ride away from the Olympic Peninsula.

The Legend of the Cheerleading Spirit Stick

The legend of the cheerleading spirit stick has been passed down through generations of peppy youngsters since the 1950s. But why is a piece of plastic so widely "praised?" 

Top Five Out-There Mascots

On today's episode of #SCARYEVENTS, we will go through the five most out-there mascots across colleges today.

#SCARYEVENTS: College Gameday and the Curse of the Mascot Head

This is the story of a College Gameday analyst on ESPN famous for his predictions. But, is the prediction cursed? Legend says that when a Gameday analyst chooses your team to win, they face utter defeat. Others claim the opposite: they are beyond relived when their team gets chosen. What is the truth?

The Curse of The Great Bambino

The curse held so many fans down they tried to break it. Some fans broke into Babe Ruth’s private property to try and execute a “make-good” while actual witches performed ceremonies in front of his door. Other fans simply tried to pray the curse away. All were very unsuccessful and albeit a tad weird.

#ScaryEvents is Back for Year 2!

SportsEvents is bringing all things tricks, treats, and more right to your social media feed! We will cover legendary sports folklore, sports folklore that is so funny you’ll wonder who came up with it, and even get insights on the SportsEvents staff’s favorite fall treats for those trick plays on Saturdays!

Who is Getting the Blame for Toxic Sports Culture?

Toxic sports culture is a thing and should not be taken lightly. When we are trying to get our children to sign up because it is fun then get mad when said child loses, a switch flips. After all, aren’t sports supposed to teach people one of the most valuable lessons in life? You win some you lose some?

Small Towns, Larger Complexes

While everyone can agree that we love sports and wish there were more in the youth sector, citizens can sometimes feel the opposite.

Referee Shortages are the Last Thing We Need Right Now, Part 2

For example, in June at a Florida basketball tournament, a 19-year-old player was charged with a misdemeanor after throwing a series of punches at a referee. In a Kansas City tournament, after becoming upset by a whistle call during a basketball game, a coach shoved an official. The official then tried to retaliate, other coaches, a player, and spectators, surrounded the official while hitting, punching, and knocking him to the floor. A hockey official is also recovering from sustained injuries after a player clubbed him with his stick. The man has been left with a constant headache, blurred vision, and soreness. We need to do better.