5 Apps for Better Events


By Sherri Middleton, Managing Editor, SportsEvents Magazine

We’re always thinking about our planners and how we can help make your job a little easier. Here at SportsEvents magazine we use a variety of software and apps to help us with everything from managing projects to communicating with team members. With all the apps available now and more being developed daily, innovative tools are on the market to help with everything from ticket sales to volunteer management.

Here are five apps to try:

Asana – We use this in our office so everyone knows what’s happening at all times. Asana’s mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. The technology lets individuals and groups organize tasks to manage projects more efficiently. If you are part of a team or interact with clients, a project management (PM) tool allows you to share thoughts or ideas on various projects and store all the documents related to that project or task in one place. To learn more, go to: www.asana.com

Bizzabo – This is an all-in-one event software package for event organizers. It allows users to build websites, offer attendees a mobile app, sell tickets, manage the event registration, generate marketing on social media and gather data to measure the success of an event. Bizzabo is designed for small to medium-sized markets who want everything in one tool. The user enters the content and the app integrates tasks such as on-site check-in, speaker profiles, email, and social media integration. Bizzabo offers a free trial and a variety of pricing options on packages. For more information, visit www.bizzabo.com

Evernote – This app lets individuals and teams share ideas and capture notes or designs on any device to aide in organization. While Evernote is a notes app, you also can add images, audio, scanned files, and ideas so it is easy to find when needed. The technology works on Macs, PCs and on mobile apps. The service is free, but has a paid premium option that offers more upload data each month if needed. For more information, visit www.evernote.com

Regpack – Regpack is used by thousands of organizations worldwide for event management. The software allows users to manage registration, attendance, payments and reporting in one place. Free demos are available and the software is deployed in Cloud or online. This software allows users to manage sponsors, room blocks, vendors, leads, travel and ticketing in addition to other PM uses. To find out more, go to: www.regpacks.com

Guidebook – Guidebook is a mobile application builder that lets users create an app in four steps. No technical skills are required, according to the company. Users choose from a gallery of mobile app templates, select features, and fill the fields with content. The app is then ready to publish to Google Play and the Apple App Store. Guidebook is free for the first 200 downloads, but packages are available with standard and premium features. To learn more, go to www.guidebook.com