How Much Physical Pressure is Being Put on Athletes as Sport Seasons Overlap?

Oh, YES! The chilly Autumn air is finally here! You know what that means in the sports world, right?! Conference season is officially over, we can trade in our trusty convention shoes for everyday office footwear, and we can finally start breaking out the crock pot to start cooking up a warm dinner that will be ready as soon as we walk in the door.

On the other hand, the sporting world is in full force. Volleyball season is ending, travel softball and baseball are coming to a close, football playoffs are just beginning, basketball is starting, and track, soccer, lacrosse, softball, and baseball workouts are starting back up just in time for the Spring season to begin.

As sports seasons overlap, how much physical pressure is being put on our athletes?

For some athletes, Autumn is a time where their single sport is either slowing down or picking up. However, for many athletes in a world of “Spring sport, Summer sport, and Autumn sport,” their momentum never slows.

That leads us to today’s blog question: How much physical demand and pressure are being put on our athletes?

Now more than ever, it is important that we as sports organizers make sure these athletes have a safe environment to play. That includes proper yet safe conditioning, ample recovery time, and precautions put into place to prevent athlete burnout.

Precautions could include set practice times to allow for recovery, meals provided that include nutrient dense foods, and utilizing athletic trainers across the nation.

Benefits to prevention of athletic burnout include happier AND healthier athletes, better team morale, less injuries due to muscle prevention and prior muscle rehabilitation, and all around better performing athletes.

Especially upon return from Covid-19, taking care of our athletes are key to sustaining sports numbers and continuing to grow those numbers over the next few years as we rebuild.