A City Overview: Charming Chattanooga!

By Robin Mackinaw

On a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee, I was treated to a glimpse of the best the town has to offer. From high atop Lookout Mountain to crossing the Walnut Street Pedestrian bridge, I was impressed by the sights and sounds and opportunities that await. The Walnut …

Touring the Reinvented Winston-Salem

By Sherri Middleton

North Carolina’s fifth largest city is undergoing a reinvention, of sorts, from its roots in tobacco and textiles to an area where arts, dining and even sports are thriving and changing the way people live, play and work.

On a summer trip as a guest …

There’s No Place Like #KansasCityKS


When the Kansas Speedway opened in Kansas City, Kansas, in 2001, sports tourism took off. Today, more than 10 million people visit each year to play sports, watch sports or eat barbecue. Oh, and travelers also visit for the history, culture and family-oriented activities.

I recently joined …

Maine and Sports Go Hand-in-Hand

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in the original Portland. If you’ve never been to Maine or Greater Portland, I suggest you give it a try. It’s a charming city that has retained much of the Colonial-era architecture, cobblestone streets and some lively characters who call the city home.