Here’s to a Prosperous New Year and Happy Holidays

By Sherri Middleton, Executive Editor

Another year is coming to a close and the sports events tourism business has much to celebrate.

We started last year with mostly positive feedback in our 15th Annual Trends and Economic Impact Report where rights holders, destinations and other industry executives shared their thoughts about the future of sports tourism. The report highlighted additional growth and expansion and showed a continued increase in financial growth for the business of sports.

A couple of months later we headed to Knoxville, Tenn., for the National Association of Sports Commissions’ annual symposium. The association announced a new name and branding to Sports Events & Tourism Association (Sports ETA).

Shortly after returning from Knoxville, the Covey Communications family became much larger when SportsEvents magazine, SportsEvents Media Group and ConventionSouth magazine were acquired by Kenilworth Media, Inc., a subsidiary of Forum Media.

As we’ve highlighted throughout the year, more sports facilities are being built, new sports commissions have formed, and the continued positive economic news is driving more sports planners and organizations to create additional opportunities for participation for all ages in a variety of sports events.

While the Gulf Shores, Ala., staff has mostly remained the same, we’ve joined a much larger family through the Kenilworth office in Toronto and the parent company, Forum, in Munich, Germany.

Acquisitions are often difficult as companies and those personalities merge. We hope that all of our readers, followers and partners have found little, if any, changes that were not positive. Changes are underway, however. We’ve all been working behind the scenes to provide better service, a better editorial experience and ways to expand our offerings to increase digital exposure and reach more key decision makers.

Keep watching for updates after the new year.

After the busy summer, we headed to Panama City Beach, Fla., for the annual S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference. From all the feedback, it was another terrific conference for attendees and suppliers.

And the big news announced on the final night closing ceremony once again generated excitement for the 2020 event. Have you heard that we’re heading to Olympic City USA – Colorado Springs, Colo., next September? Keep watching for details. This one promises to be another exciting conference in a beautiful destination and attendees will revel in the atmosphere of having more than 40 sports organizations and another 40 or so governing bodies in the city to create the opportunity for an incredible and fruitful relationship-building event.

With Pikes Peak towering over the city, Garden of the Gods, The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Facility and the new Olympic Museum opening next year, there will be plenty to see and do while in town.

And now the year is winding down. The holiday break is right around the corner and the New Year – 2020 – is waiting to greet us for what promises to be another successful and positive year in sports.

From all of us at SportsEvents Media Group to all of you, we wish you a happy holiday season and tremendous success and joy in the new decade.

~ Sherri