New Partnership Brings Together Volunteer Management and Fundraising

Rosterfy has teamed up with GivenGain to let event organizers manage volunteers and online fundraising in one place.

Since 2001, GivenGain has worked with events in 27 countries on five continents, ranging from nine to 99,000 runners, enabling participant fundraising at no cost. The fundraising platform and free fundraising services help attract participants.

 “We are thrilled to work with Rosterfy to help any organization better engage their volunteers and create a lasting legacy,” said Marius Mare, president of the GivenGain Foundation at GivenGain. “There are a lot of things to juggle when organizing an event. Rosterfy streamlines all your staffing needs in one platform, while GivenGain manages all the fundraising admin so you can focus on the event.”

 Mare said the partnership platforms allow volunteers to create their own fundraising project to boost engagement for the cause.

 “Charity events often have super-engaged volunteers,” Mare said. “They are your best advocates to your charity’s mission. It’s these volunteers who are happy to do even more to meet the needs of your organization. Providing the option for them to create their own fundraising project can strengthen their relationship with your cause and boost engagement.”