Now Presenting: “ScaryEvents”

Now that we are midway through October you know what that means—we are officially 13 days out from Halloween! (Business days, that is!) 😊

ScaryEvents will start on October 18!

After the last two years, I have found a newfound love for the holiday season. Even though I was always a “watch a Halloween movie at midnight on October 1st and put my Christmas tree up November 1st” kind of person, this year the holiday season has had some newfound joy for me.

Due to the fact that I am bursting at the seams with holiday excitement, I decided to share the joy with you all!

Let me introduce you to… #SCARYEVENTS.

This year, SportsEvents is bringing all things tricks, treats, and more right to your social media feed! We will cover legendary sports folklore, sports folklore that is so funny you’ll wonder who came up with it, and even get insights on the SportsEvents staff’s favorite fall treats for those trick plays on Saturdays!

We invite you to read our daily posts leading up to Halloween—you will surely not want to miss this!

Daily posts will start on October 18 and be written by our Managing Editor, Summer Abston, also known as the person writing this piece at 1:56 p.m. on a nice and breezy Monday afternoon. I am also inviting you all to share your scariest or funniest Halloween themes stories!

Got any sports folklore stories or spooky stories you want to share? Contact me at to get started!