#SCARYEVENTS: College Gameday and the Curse of the Mascot Head

Much like the piece last year, let’s use our imaginations before we dive into one of the most beloved to indifferent sports figures of our generation with a few updates.

To make his picks, Corso often puts on the head of the mascot of the team he chooses. Photo Courtesy NCAA. 

You have a pot full of chili cooking since the weather is getting cooler, your windows are cracked, buffalo chicken dip is in the oven getting golden brown, you’ve got on your favorite gameday gear complete with a pair of old sweatpants and you are in your recliner. Life is good and it is about to get even better because your team is the game of the week on College Gameday and the panel is in town.

Suddenly, life flashes before your eyes:  Lee Corso has picked your team to win. Oh, the horror! 

Now, if you are an Auburn fan much like myself, you might be a little excited. After all, at least someone thinks your team is going to win that day. If you are a USC fan, you’re probably jumping up and down screaming from the rooftop! After all, Corso is 22-1 when picking the Travelers.

Last year, a blog titled “Gameday Cole” made the rounds. In 1993 when Corso’s predictions began, people must have thought that in 2022 we would have flying cars or self cleaning houses. I for one can’t complain because this to me is just better! The blog keeps track of all of Corso’s picks and totals them into percentages. As of this year, Corso is seven for seven. However, even though last year he came in at nearly 70 percent accuracy, that has since dropped to 66 percent accuracy. Since the season is not oven yet, we can expect more winning predictions from Corso himself. We might even need to expect a few losses since this season has been upset central so far. Whatever it may be, let’s hope Corso continues to pick all of our teams this year and increase the win percentage!

Until next time, SportsEvents fans!

P.S. Pray for us Auburn fans this week. We face Ole Miss in Oxford. War Eagle!