Ski Access Technology Can Help Overcome Public Health Challenges

DENVER — Ski resorts will have to find new ways to reduce face-to-face interactions between guests and staff this season and the cancelation of J1 visas will make it difficult for ski resorts to find enough staff to handle day-to-day operations. For most ski resorts, automated ski access technology can help with these challenges.

“Automated ski access technology has long been an important management tool and guest amenity that improves the skiing experience,” said John Keefe, SKIDATA vice president. “No one foresaw that it could also promote public health or help resorts overcome staffing challenges but in today’s world those added benefits will be essential to mountain operations.”

SKIDATA introduced RFID access control to the ski industry as a revenue management tool that provides data about lift and resort use. It also offers operational efficiencies and reduces the risk of lift access fraud. Automated access has also been a popular user amenity that improves the guest experience.

Guests have the option to purchase lift tickets online and print their tickets or have them sent to their mobile devices. For skiers who prefer to purchase RFID passes and tickets, SKIOSK stand-alone ticket kiosks can permit guests to purchase lift tickets that can also be used for lodge access without standing in crowded ticket lines. In addition to being more convenient, remote and SKIOSK purchasing also promotes public health by allowing skiers to avoid crowded lines.

On-slop access readers located at the entry to ski lifts automatically read RFID tags and bar code enabled lift tickets. The technology significantly reduces face-to-face interactions and can also be used when resorts use automated check point technology with remote monitoring tools like Operation Center/Gate Service displayed on a tablet or desktop computer.

“Automating lift ticket reading benefits skiers and mountain operations,” said Keefe. “The Coronavirus has everyone looking for outdoor activities that are safe and healthy. Skiing can provide the perfect solution this winter, and by minimizing face-to-face staff/guest interactions, ski access technology can make skiing safer, healthier and easier to manage.”

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