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Sound Off: A tale of two footballs

A deep rift in the sport has divided the world into two. In Qatar, this conflict once again raised its ugly head, as viewers across the globe asked: “why do Americans insist on calling this game soccer?”

Is “America’s Game” on the Decline or the Rebound

According to data from statista.com, in 2018, 5.16 million people over the age of six participated in tackle football in the U.S. By comparison, there were 8.4 million people playing in that age range in 2006, representing a 48 percent decline in 12 years.

Cobb County, Ga. Set To Host Largest National Football Showcase in 2022

Established in 2014 by Brent and Brennan Williams, both NFL alumni, NextGen seeks to change the lives of athletes by identifying elite football players and creating opportunities for them to receive college scholarship offers. More than 8,000 Division 1 scholarships have been offered to NextGen Camp alumni. 

Supreme Court Hears Arguments About NCAA

The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would review a case on whether the NCAA’s limits on compensation for student-athletes violates antitrust laws.

The Ridiculous Business of Football Scholarships for Kids

I heard the other day that a 9-year-old was offered a college football scholarship. My first thought was ‘this kid must be really good.’ My second thought was about the pressure he will face as he tries to take his young body through strenuous workouts and conditioning until he is a senior in high school – the time when young people actually become eligible for college scholarships.