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Find Your Sports Adventure in ILLINOISouth!

ILLINOISouth is home to several amazing sports facilities for spectators and competitors alike. Whether your passion is golf and fishing, or racing and hockey – there is something for every sports fan in ILLINOISouth!

Boston Sports Institute is Designed for Play

BOSTON, Mass. — What underlies the value of play? While some speak of the enchantment of winning, today’s social and economic motivators indelibly integrate teamwork, achievement and self-discipline with business profitability. Propelled by technology, activism and cultural changes, sports are a powerful entertainer. 


Boston, known for its dense saturation of academic …

Sports in the Last Pandemic

Sailors boxing during 1918 pandemic.

By Sherri Middleton

As sports events prepare to return this summer, reports have begun to circulate about athletes testing positive for COVID-19 at some college campuses. Major league athletes are also being affected by the virus as they try to practice or remain fit for …