Special Features

America’s Pastime Remains Strong

Baseball continues to be a favorite sport to play or watch, and there is still an intense desire among young athletes to participate in the game.

Motorsports: A Major Draw For Fans

NASCAR and IndyCar Series draw tens of thousands of fans to watch high-speed action and hear the roars of uber-horsepower engines flying around tracks from the Southeast to the Northeast, Midwest, and West Coast.

Taekwondo: Building on Strength

Taekwondo is about much more than merely fighting skills and martial arts techniques. It’s systematic and scientific, engaging the mind as well as the body.

One-on-One: Building Amateur Rugby Events

One-on-One features an interview with an influential member of the sports community concerning a specific topic. This month we interview Graham Oliphant, managing director of Rugby Festival Events Ltd. The organization innovated amateur rugby tournaments into a festival atmosphere with 48 games on one day with cheerleaders, DJs, food and …

2020 Readers’ Choice Awards

2020 Readers’ Choice Awards

It is an honor to present SportsEvents 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards of the people, events and destinations to watch. Each year, SportsEvents asks readers to nominate the planners, events and destinations or venues that exemplify the best-of-the-best in sports. The nominations are received through an …

It’s Not Over When It’s Over

Do you have a post-event engagement strategy? By Paige Townley A group of friends using their cellphones

It’s an understatement to say that it takes a serious amount of time and energy to plan and execute a sporting event successfully. While it may seem as though all the work is …


Construction and renovation of sports facilities continue to make news this year as government entities and destinations try to keep pace with the anticipated $17 billion sports tourism marketplace estimated for 2020 based on SportsEventsannual Economic Trends Survey feedback.

J.D. Wood Has Made The Most Of Opportunities As They Became Available

By Sherri Middleton

One-on-One features an interview with an influential member of the community concerning a specific topic. This month J.D. Wood, the general manager of the new SFM-managed Panama City Beach Sports Complex, discusses his experience studying and working in sports management.

J.D. Wood was pursuing …