Clean Slate…How To Preserve The Integrity Of Your Event

Blog By Paul Peavy

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m going to tell you something your mother probably told you a time or two…please pick up after yourself.

This advice applies not only to your messy room or office but also to your event. How well you clean up after your event will be remembered not only by the host community but also by peers within your own competitive circles.

In my first venture as a race director for a 5K, I am finding my race might have a reputation before it even starts, but it’s not one of my own making. Our race is one where runners will get paint powder splattered on them as they run through each kilometer.

These types of races have become very popular. So popular that a sorority held one such race on the same course we had chosen just a month and a half before our event. Well, I  saw that as an opportunity for me to volunteer to help while also learning what I could do to make my race great.

I am so glad I went because I now have the confidence of knowing what to do and what not to do. I also got to be the lead-out cyclist for their run, which was very cool!

I showed up early and was able to help those girls put on a good race. I left after the race as the participants were still having a great time and the music was still pumping.

The most valuable lesson I learned came the next morning as I opened up my Facebook page. Several runners commented that whoever had put on the race left the park area a complete wreck and did not clean up after. Later, when I mentioned my race in our community, comments were made about how badly these people had neglected to clean up anything—much less the paint powder left behind.

I have assured everyone that I am buying extra push brooms, bringing extra buckets of water to wash everything anew so that the park will look better after the race than it did before. The one thing I do know is that if we do not pick up after ourselves we will not be welcomed in this community again!

So, think about it, do you want to ruin the possibility of continuing your sport in a community? I’m guessing you don’t. So, like your mom said, “The job is not done until the last sock is put in the drawer.” Or something along those lines…

Paul Peavy,, is a Licensed Psychotherapist who has found a unique and energetic way to help people. As a former stand-up comic he knows one way to get people unstuck is to get them to lighten up, laugh and live! In over 10 years of dedication to getting people moving toward rediscovering the joy in life here are some of the highlights of America’s favorite Stand-up Therapist! Paul competes in Ironman triathlons with his wife.