Fort Wayne?s Indoor Arena Attracts National Softball Association for Winter Play

Jan. 28, 2018

Fort Wayne’s Indoor Arena Attracts National Softball Association for Winter Play 

FORT WAYNE, Ind.—Fort Wayne’s The Plex South is home to the largest indoor baseball and softball fields in northeastern Indiana, according to the facility. As an indoor facility, The Plex South is attracting events such as the National Softball Association (NSA) World Series Qualifiers and other events sanctioned by NSA.
“We chose to rent The Plex because of their staffing, quality facility and their availability for indoor activities…Fort Wayne is a premier choice because of its location near Ohio and Michigan,” said Karl Swihart, Indiana National Softball Association State Director.
During the winter months from January through March, NSA has used the facilities for the past seven years to host weekend events Friday through Sunday where 22 teams play softball even when they wouldn’t be able to play outdoors.
“The Plex is a great indoor option for softball teams, not only in the immediate area, but for teams in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Kentucky. We are able to help teams stay sharp and provide them with an opportunity to have live game play in the winter,” said Mike bitler, director of baseball and softball at The Plex.” Bitler said the facility is also able to run two softball games at one time due to the facility’s large capacity and teams are guaranteed playing time with three games and a playoff after.
The Plex is also popular with football leagues and for its indoor driving range.
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