Get Restaurants Behind The Team!

The athletic experience is made up of many different components. Two necessary components of athletic success are rest and nutrition. Socialization is also important. We came across an event that maximized all three of these factors in a magnificent way.

At the Florida Age Group Championships in Florida at the Orlando YMCA, the organizers had invited three different restaurants to come in on three different days and set up a booth. The trade off was that the restaurants had to offer reservations for team parties to get them in and out well fed—quickly.

One of the bigger problems is figuring out how to get teams fed so that they have fun together but get to bed in a reasonable enough time that they perform well the next morning. Many teams try to eat together but learn that it will be well over an hour’s wait and even then the restaurant is not able to turn out the food very quickly.

Here’s what one restaurant offered to the swim teams, “You can come in, and we will have a banquet room available to you for no charge. If you want us to cater it to your hotel, we will be there with plates, cups and serving utensils. Here’s our menu, if you want something not on our menu let us know enough in advance and our kitchen will prepare it for you.” Well, jeez, they might as well have offered to swim our kid’s toughest events for them and give us a chauffer driver for the four-hour drive home!

The YMCA even got a deal from them that the restaurant would give them back 15 percent of the tab. Proceeds to the sponsoring facility, speedy service, great nutrition, fun fellowship, leaving with endorphins a poppin’ looking forward to great competition the next day! I believe that’s called a win-win-win-win-win situation.

Share this idea with your restaurant partners for your next event. Believe me, your participants will thank you later.

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