Ocean City, Maryland

Moderate climates with warm summers and mild winters make Ocean City in Maryland a paradise for sports planners. Ocean City, easily accessible via American Airlines with Salisbury-Ocean City Airport 30 minutes away, is home to your typical Mid-Atlantic boardwalks while also featuring unique attractions like Assateague Island—also known as the home of wild ponies.

“Ocean City is 10 Miles of Memories for many generations of families who have come here year after year,” says Norma Dobrowolski, destination sales, marketing and CVB manager. “Here at Ocean City, there is always something different to do!”

Ocean City features the Roland E. Powell Convention Center for all your sporting events. The center is grand in size at 214,000 square feet and can accommodate any event from a youth tournament to a show.

A volleyball tournament taking place at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center.

When it comes to transportation, the Roland E. Powell Convention Center offers free event parking in addition to boasting free bus rides for event attendees with proper event identification.

On the water, people can enjoy everything from relaxing by the beautiful beaches to paddle boarding and kayaking on the soft water. Ocean City also offers jet ski rentals, parasailing options and charter boat fishing trips in the White Marlin Capital of the World if you are up for more intense water sports.

If you prefer land over sea, there are 17 beautiful golf courses nearby as well as a world famous three-mile boardwalk.

Dobrowolski says, “the boardwalk is your typical Atlantic boardwalk with endless caramel popcorn, cotton candy and more enjoyable treats.”

Further west, West Ocean City is home to great shopping featuring outlet stores as well as unique boutique shops in the middle of town.

If you want to explore nature, Assateague Island—the home of wild ponies—is sure to be a hit with your entire crew! The horses, who travel around the sand dunes on the beaches and the marshlands by the water in herds are protected in the wild by the local park service. If you go, Dobrowolski suggests, “to drive slowly as they tend to gravitate towards the road and are natural treasures.”

See wild ponies on Assateague Island when you visit Ocean City.

“When people mention Ocean City, visitors who have been there smile.” They have good memories of being here with their families as they were growing up, and it was known as a fun place. What better place to host an event where everyone will have their own special Ocean City memory,” say Dobrowolski.

If you are looking forward to your own Ocean City memory, visit the official Ocean City website to start planning your trip today!