Outdoor Soccer, Skateboarding Top Los Angeles County Youth Sports

From the Business Wire

Youth sports participation in Los Angeles County is higher than the national average and more than 80 percent of youth between the ages of 6 and 17 are active in sports, according to results of a survey from the LA84 Foundation.

“The LA84 Foundation Youth Sports Survey: Los Angeles County, 2016” was conducted by Sports Marketing Surveys USA. It reveals that outdoor soccer is played by more kids in Los Angeles County than any other sport and skateboarding has the highest “play frequency,” with an average of 90 times played per year.

The report also shows that African American and Latino children are most likely to be inactive and girls are less likely than boys to play a sport. Consistent with previous national studies, the survey also found that households with the lowest incomes have the lowest sports participation rates.

“LA84 is committed to leveling and elevating the playing field in youth sports so that all children have access to the transformative nature of sports,” said Renata Simril, President and CEO of the LA84 Foundation. “We commissioned this survey to identify areas of need in our home county. Now that we have these baseline results, we have a roadmap that will assist the LA84 Foundation and our many constituencies to set priorities for the year ahead.”

The survey, which is the first of its kind to analyze youth sports on a local level in LA County, will be released in full by Simril on October 27 at the LA84 Foundation’s 5th Annual Youth Sports Summit.

The summit will focus on the theme, #PLAYINGFORWARD and topics include the youth sports dropout problem, girls in sport, resource equity, and the impact of the Olympics and other major sports events on youth sports.