PowerRay Underwater Robot Designed for Recreational Fishing

 PowerRay Underwater Robot Designed for Recreational Fishing

PowerVision Robot Corporation introduced PowerRay, an underwater robot with features designed to find fish in fresh or salt water or under ice.

PowerRay uses rich (UAV) unmanned audio-visual technology in the underwater drone to enable recreational fishermen to detect fish with precision, according to PowerVision.

PowerRay offers an optional PowerRay Fishfinder that uses sonar systems to detect fish with even greater precision. The device sends images of fish and the underwater terrain in addition to temperature data through internal Wi-Fi. The robot can dive as deep as 98 feet and can detect fish up to 131 feet below the robot. The device can be installed as a stand-alone fish-finder or as a lure with a blue luring light.

With the mobile app, users can view real-time photos or video on any iOS or Android mobile device, allowing users to view the position of fish or the landscape below the water’s surface.

App users may control the drone and select travel mode, speed and light setting or operate the integrated 4k UHD camera for underwater photography and video. With First Person View (FPV), the robot can be controlled through a wearable device to interact with fish in a gaming experience. The device supports an optional PowerVision VR Goggle that responds to head tilting to virtually view scenes under water.

For more information, visit www.powervision.me.