New Spire Institute Owners Look to Expand Massive Sports Complex

GENEVA, Ohio – A Baltimore investment firm has purchased a Geneva-based multi-sport complex with an eye to expand the facilities.

The Spire Institute, one the largest sports facilities in the country, was acquired by Axxella, specialists in commercial trade service businesses.

Spire, up for sale for some time, is a 750,000 -square-foot venue situated on 177 acres. It includes an outdoor track-and-field arena and indoor facilities that can house up to 12 volleyball courts. The complex also features two indoor soccer fields, one outdoor stadium field and a 50-meter swimming pool.

An academy for high school and postgraduate athletes with a focus on swimming, basketball and track and field is also part of the complex.

Previous owners had already invested more than $100 million in the property, but Axxella officials say they will be expanding the number of academy sports, camp programs, leagues, club programming and training activities at the complex.