Sports Camps – Not Just For The Kids Anymore!

By Bruce Knittle

Sports Camps are no longer just for kids, and they haven’t been for awhile. With vacations becoming increasingly expensive, adults of all ages have decided to learn more about their particular passion, and enjoy themselves simultaneously.

According to, there are 800 adult camps nationwide. Numerous estimates report these camps have expanded by 10 percent annually over the last decade, with continued growth expected. The American Camp Association stated that 1 million adults attended camp a couple of years ago.

With these statistics in mind, sports event planners might consider including camps as a complement to their other planned activities. There are numerous advantages that adult camps bring to an event, as the following indicates:

  1. More Hotel Accommodations

Adults attending these camps prefer to stay in comfortable surroundings, and having hotel rooms available are essential. Negotiating an agreement with the hotel for rooms at discounted prices should be a priority for an event planner.

One example of this is a unique winter Senior Softball Camp located near Orlando, Fla. The camp, entering its 24th year, has a deal with Hilton for all campers to stay there at reduced rates.

2. They Can Help You Promote Upcoming Events

To help with the marketing, event planners can schedule camps before an existing event, or even at the same time. For example, if there is a tennis tournament being held in September, why not host an adult summer tennis camp preceding the tournament?

A planner can use these camps to promote their upcoming events at every opportunity, and encourage the camp director to do similarly. The camp will bring many new individuals into a venue, which will help with the marketing of the event.

3. You Could See A Bump In Revenues

If a sports event planner is seeking extra events, a camp can be a perfect choice. Camps bring in funds to an event like few other entities. Income is brought in after the signed contract, and with adult camps, there is a likelihood of spending on other venue amenities.

Additionally, at off peak times for sports complexes, adult weekend camps are ideal to fill up a schedule. I have found that camps are flexible with their dates, and usually will be happy to arrange a time convenient for the sports planner.

4. Colleges May Clamor For Your Camp

There is a good reason colleges host camps throughout the United States. These schools have the facilities, and during summer and vacation periods, open time. They also have experienced staff available to lend assistance.

Universities are amenable to hosting camps because frequently their budgets are restrictive and will welcome the added funds camps deliver. Many of these collegiate venues host adult sports camps.

Involving camps in conjunction with events add to the bottom line and can help sustain the long-termed viability of an event.

Bruce Knittle is president of Knittle Sports Solutions. The company provides full-service consulting services for college athletic departments, tennis and golf clubs, sports camps, hotels and resorts, and sports coaches.