Sports Complex Not Even Open Yet, Exceeding Expectations

North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex Exceeds Expectations 

By: Dawn Bryant
March 08, 2013


The planned sports complex in North Myrtle Beach already is outperforming expectations, the city says, and it’s still a year away from opening.

The city said Thursday it had already lined up events that would bring an estimated $13.5 million to the city during the complex’s first nine months of operation in 2014, about $3 million more than originally expected for the first 12 months, North Myrtle Beach spokesman Pat Dowling said.

Officials originally expected $10.6 million during the complex’s first year, according to a Coastal Carolina University study done in 2011.

“They are already ahead of the game,” Dowling said.

Most of the events lined up for March 2014, when the complex opens, through November 2014 are collegiate training and tournaments and include baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse and others, Dowling said.

He declined to name the events, saying the city had verbal contracts and didn’t want to tip off other cities that might try to lure the same event.