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Do It for The Youth: Making Our Industry More Accessible

In recent years, there have been several reasons contributing to both the rise and fall of numbers in youth and amateur sports. This issue can be pinpointed to one thing: accessibility. Accessibility is becoming harder to manage in the age of social media and rising costs, but what can we do to change that?

An Inside Look at Why Athletes Are Quitting

This spring, I followed two athletes before their seasons began and after they ended. The results were astounding since both athletes had the same reasons for feeling the way they do towards their respective sports.

Referee Shortages are the Last Thing we Need Right Now

In Mississippi, softball umpire Kristi Moore was allegedly punched by a woman wearing a mother of the year shirt. During a Little League game in Texas, an umpire was shoved to the ground by a coach. In Georgia, a basketball ref was attacked by players and required 30 stitches. And on Easter Sunday in Colorado, a ref was assaulted and video of the incident was posted to TikTok.