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SnoCo FC Joins Western Indoor Soccer League

SMOKEY POINT, Wash. — Snohomish County Football Club has joined the Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) and will play beginning in November 2020 for the men and Spring 2021 for the women.

 The Steelheads (men) and Silvers (women) will train and play their home matches in the Snohomish Sports Dome …

5 Reasons to Play PNW SPORTS

Welcome to PNW Sports! Snohomish County, Washington, where dedication to your successful event is our badge of honor.

Snohomish County FC Announces 2021 Womens Team

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — Snohomish County Football Club (SnoCo FC) announced they will add an elite womens outdoor soccer team in 2021. The new team named the Silvers, will join the Snohomish County FC Steelheads elite adult men team.

            A partnership between the Snohomish County FC and Snohomish Sports Dome …

US Fed Cup Team Faces Latvia in Qualifying Round

The US Fed Cup Team is ready for play.

Angel of the Winds Arena, Everett, Wash. – The United States Fed Cup kicks off today and continues tomorrow, Feb. 8 at Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett, Wash.

Serena Williams, a 23-time Grand …