Triple Crown Sports Announces CEO Shift

Triple Crown Sports recently announced the official shift of CEO duties from founder David King to his son, Keri King.
Triple Crown Sports is a Fort Collins business fixture since the mid-1980s and producer of youth and collegiate athletic events that stretch around the nation and into Mexico.
This transition will end David King’s 36-year stint as CEO. During his time as CEO, David evolved the company from its slow-pitch softball roots to expand it to youth sports of baseball, fastpitch softball, girls volleyball and girls basketball.
In preparation for David King’s move out of the CEO office, Keri took over COO duties in 2014 and became a member of the Board of Directors in 2017.
“I’m very excited to be able to serve the needs of our full-time associates and customers. I’m thankful for the 36 years of service that Mom and Dad provided,” Keri King said. “They have built a company based on a strong culture of family first, respect of all and continuous learning. These values make up the special sauce called Triple Crown Sports. We will continue to focus on creating experiences that embed lasting, lifetime memories for serious athletes. Our sports events will continue to have that founders’ 1982 spirit of ‘doing things right.’”
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