Uptime Esports High-Tech Youth Training Center Set to Launch

The Uptime coaching team.

HANOVER, Mass. — New England’s first high-tech esports training facility is set to launch in mid-December. Uptime Esports will also be the largest youth esports arena in the Northeast, located in Hanover, 20 miles southeast of Boston.

With the meteoric rise of esports across America, co-founders Sean Quinn and Tim Schneider envisioned a training facility focused on teaching a healthy balance around gaming.

“We wanted to create a place that used their passion for video gaming in a way that would allow them to be on a team, to make friends, to compete for college scholarships,” Quinn said.

“We are not just building better gamers, we’re trying to build better people,” Schneider said.

Catering to an eclectic range of gamers, Uptime Esports will host leagues and tournaments for all ages and skill levels.

During the season, the teams will have regular practices with pro coaching, strategy sessions, post-game analysis and weekly matches in the arena. Each practice will also have an “AFK” (Away From Keyboard) lesson, where gamers learn about fitness, nutrition, and partake in stretching and mental acuity exercises. For more information, contact Uptime Esports at 229266@email4pr.com.